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Pgh Magazine, Nov 2018


“I believe that high-quality healthcare should be simple, affordable and easily accessible for everyone,” 

[Dr. Lin] says.

Pgh Post-Gazette, July 2018

Dr. Ashley Kittridge

Without the insurance component, Dr. Kittridge said, patients can expect those fees will be lower. “Any time you have a middle man, the fees are higher.”

Pgh Post-Gazette, Aug 2018


[Dr. Lin} believes [direct care] will be medicine the way medicine is supposed to be practiced, and it’s an idea that is catching on nationwide...

East End Cooperator, Dec 2017


"After all, when was the last time you used your car insurance to pay for a tune-up or purchase gasoline? Similarly, why should we be spending thousands of our hard-earned dollars on expensive health insurance to cover inexpensive primary care services?"

Trib Live Hampton/Shaler, Sept 2017


Sponsored through the township's community services department, Dr. Kirsten Lin, a primary care physician in Hampton, helped organize the event. It will feature doctors and other health professionals discussing nutrition, physical fitness, mental and psychological well-being, and avoidance of common safety pitfalls.

Wall Street Journal, Feb 2017


“Getting that third-party payer out of the room frees me up to focus on patient care,” says Dr. Meyer, who hopes to expand her year-old practice to 200 patients and is relying on savings until then. “This kind of practice is why I went into medicine, and that feels so good.”